I was born in Athens, Greece and spent all my childhood and teenage years in a small coastal town in the suburbs of Athens called Artemida. At eighteen, I moved to Rhodes island, Dodecanese, to study. I graduated in 2012 with a BA in Primary School Education. In 2014 I moved to Wales for my postgraduate studies in Special Needs Education at the University of South Wales, Caerleon, from where I graduated in 2016 with an MA in arts.

I am a qualified Early Years and Primary School teacher and special needs education teacher. I live in Berlin, Germany, where I  work in an international school.

I share my life journey with my husband, baby boy and our beloved German shepherd Winston.

I am passionate about running, books (an addiction, really), wellness and well-being, meeting friends over food and wine, travelling and helping others feel better. 

I write essays through the lens of simplicity and intentionality, focusing on quality over quantity. 

Why this Blog

This blog depicts my journey of improving my life by focusing on what really matters by removing the clutter. Through this journey, I aspire to help you improve your life and become a better version of yourself. The same way others have been helping me in this journey.

This blog is a personal attempt to explore parts of myself that were hibernated due to total immersion in a routine that no longer expressed and satisfied me fully. I am more than my day job, for which I am passionate, although I aspire to dedicate and distribute my energy and creativity in other fields too. Throughout the years, the picture of who I am or can be, became blurry, undefined and distant.

The work pause that my pregnancy brought about in my life gave me a clearer perspective on how I wish to lead my life and what changes I should start making slowly, calmly and gradually to become a better me.