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  • Guilt-free parenting 
    Guilt-free parenting means embracing the idea that you’re doing the best you can with what you know and have. It’s about acknowledging your mistakes compassionately and using them as teachable moments to show your child how to learn, reflect, and bounce back with grace. After all, parenting is a journey, not just for your child, but for you too.
  • Minimalist Parenting
    And while my son is only two years old, I can confirm that minimalist parenting exists and is less perplexing than one may think.
  • New year, better me
    Potential, skills, passions, and determination for bettering are encapsulated in every single one of us. I don’t need a new me. I wager all my money on a better me.
  • Minimal Christmas
    Minimal Christmas means directing our focus on the important, essential, and purposeful things in life while taming the impulses triggered by the high consumerism of these days.
  • Complaints 
    he average person complains 15 to 30 times daily, an astonishingly high level of negativism within a day. The habit of griping about can occur in an alarmingly effortless and natural manner, though reversing this habit requires a certain degree of intentional effort and awareness.
  • Mondays 
    Mondays are great. Yes, you read that well; it’s not a typo. I know I am being radical here, but I simply cannot waste any more time and energy hating Mondays! 
  • Stress management 
    One can incorporate several stress management techniques daily to identify and deal with anxiety triggers. Here, I present you a list of the methods I have been using and have been beneficial to me so far.
  • Tips for a tears-free return to work after the holidays
    Returning to work after the holidays can be tears-free should you decide to make it as such.
  • Take a break, you deserve it
    Take a break; you deserve it, for you have been working hard. Pause, take a breath, focus on yourself and your surroundings,