New year, better me

new year

A new year has just begun, with hopes and wishes for a “new” me, a new motivated self ready to accomplish everything they couldn’t last year or the previous year. 

But the idea of a new me is intimidating, unrealistic. Imagine working on a new self, inventing a new image, and then convincing yourself about it. It is hard enough to work on our current selves, let alone create new ones. 

No, I disagree with the whole “new year, new me” mentality that advertisements and self-help or well-being sites and magazines have been rubbing on our faces over the last decades. 

There is only one me, but a vast, multifaceted one worth exploring. Personalities are not black or white; they are all shades of grey. Potential, skills, passions, and determination for bettering are encapsulated in every single one of us. I don’t need a new me. I wager all my money on a better me. 

Instead of consuming your energy and goodwill to create a novel persona, what about dedicating your resources and tools to exploring all the different facades of your unique personality? 

If you decided on training for a half-marathon and made it, you have what it takes to move beyond your comfort zone. Life rewards the people who act and are the protagonists of their lives.  

You don’t want a new you- you want a better you, because this implies that you have everything it takes to reach, and even, exceed your potential. If you wish to hit the gym four times per week to enhance your physical and mental health, then you must commit to your goal. 

To commit to your goal, you need: 
  • realistic but accurate weekly planning 
  • consistency with your time 
  • to prioritize 
  • to say no more often 
  • early night sleeps 
  • nutritious meals 
  • to stay hydrated 
  • to refrain from endless scrolling 
  • to have a plan 

If it sounds like hard work, that’s because everything worthwhile in life derives from hard work. Things won’t just happen to you; they will happen with you because change starts when you take responsibility for the outcome in your life. 

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