Manage your frustration, save the day

manage your frustration

Queues frustrate me immensely. They affect my mood, especially queuing up for coffee or food. I never give in; I go to another place. I have given my frustration some thought, trying to find its root.

After pondering this matter, I realised that my frustration with queues originates from my general gratitude for living in a part of the world where food is available on every corner, as opposed to other countries, where access to food is nearly impossible, and food supplies are scarce. 

Is it ideological the matter? Maybe. Political? Perhaps. Regardless, I managed to delve into the reason for my frustration. It’s not the queue itself, but it’s symbolism.

What is frustration?

Frustration is a byproduct of a situation we feel we have no control over. It generates anger and infuriating disappointment, while it can also lead to sadness. 

The frustrated person feels their heart pounding, their body heating up, their face flushing, and their head ready to explode. In fact, there are different degrees of frustration, ranging from mild to acute.

How can you manage your frustration?

Frustration is inevitable; that’s no news. And you are bound to feel frustrated many times during your week. That’s life. Don’t let it ruin your day, though, and get the worst of you, for you can manage your frustration and save the day.

Take deep breaths

Are you fed up hearing all the time about breathing deeply when things don’t work your way? Well, that’s because it works; it really does. I used to naively scoff whenever someone told me to take a deep breath, “Breath in, breath out”. I can only promise that deep breaths will save you a horrific outburst and time.

Honestly, take these deep breaths. They really do help you to calm down and refocus. Integrate it into your life every time you feel frustrated or enraged.

Find the root of the frustration

What are you truly frustrated with? Most of the time, frustration is the exhibition of another feeling. It can be that we placed too high expectations on someone else or needed to organise our time better. Frustration is frequently the tip of the iceberg.

Take time to know your emotions. Robert Plutchnic’s wheel of emotion was created to offer a higher understanding and a deeper awareness of our feelings, so we can handle them more efficiently.


Internalising your frustration will result in a horrendous flareup and enormous stress. An easy way to eliminate frustration is by venting to a credible and trustworthy listening ear. A reliable colleague, a beloved friend or a supportive partner or relative can help you regain calmness and clarity of the situation.

Write it down

Write what frustrates you down and read it out loud. This simple but intense act will help you realise what is nagging you by radicalising the source of the frustration. On paper, things obtain a different meaning and become more real.


Movement helps us regulate our stress and release negative energy and emotions that weigh us down. Especially running is a superb way to release adrenaline and focus on your body rhythm.


Dedicate a part of your precious time to yourself because you need it and are worth it. A relaxing bath, a good book, a massage, a delicious dish or anything else that is a treat to yourself will definitely contribute gravely toward letting go of your frustration and concentrating your energy on what truly matters.

Eat and drink

Frequently, our frustration is due to hunger or dehydration. Life, chiefly at work, is so fast-paced that we neglect some basic needs, such as eating or drinking enough water during the day. This has a direct impact on our mood and levels of tolerance. 

Use the work break wisely; eat something nutritious but light, drink enough water and get some movement in. Integrate these simple but essential habits into your daily routine, and you will observe a significant shift in how you perceive and react to situations.

Take a nap

This one is only sometimes feasible. If you have the opportunity, though, take a power nap. This catnap allows the brain a brief but valuable break while it boosts your energy level and helps you perceive stressful situations more calmly.

Sometimes, during my break, I take a fifteen-minute nap accompanied by a cup of hot coffee afterwards and plenty of water. This effortless act offers a new perspective on the circumstances.

The bad news is that you cannot avoid frustration. The good news is that there are hands-on ways to successfully manage the awkward feeling of frustration and save the day. Do not waste your precious time and energy in situations that can be sorted out by taking the easy way instead of the hard road of negativity and chaos.

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