A minimal desk setup for maximum productivity

minimal desk setup

Minimalism is freedom. It enables you to focus on what matters to you by removing the excess- excess possessions, emotions, people, situations. Minimalism liberates you from what weighs you down and inhibits personal progress; it frees you from the trivia.

Minimalism is not depriving yourself of stuff or people. On the contrary, minimalism helps you discover what’s worth it in your life, so you can channel your energy, time, money and resources to the important things.

The main principle of minimalism is removing the clutter from the surroundings, be it visual, auditory or mental. It is a process that starts from within and manifests itself by encouraging us to clear away the surplus in our life.

Minimalism has benefited me so that my productivity at work and in my personal life has increased. I now feel more productive and focused than ever, for I have cut out the unessential and anything that keeps me from evolving.

My surroundings reflect my goal to be focused on what matters to me. My flat reflects my sense of style without unnecessary furniture, hundreds of memorabilia or random knick-knacks. 

My wardrobe is minimised to reduce the stress of the daily outfit selections by having only the garments and accessories that are essential to me, enhancing my comfort and confidence and reflecting my personal style. I have no time and energy for clothes that don’t serve the purpose I have assigned to them.

Home office 

My office at home is organised under the same principles. It’s set up in a room that also serves as a guest room.

The room is simply but thoughtfully decorated in nude colours, with the necessary addition of plants, which I adore, and art on the wall. A rug, a small sofa, and two cushions -all in earthy tones to create a calm environment.

The desk stands in front of the window for better light and view. It’s not bigger than I need and is made of metal and glass. It is big enough to provide space for my laptop, notebook, cup of coffee, pencil holder and a box of Post-it notes. It has a built-in shelf, where I keep my laptop’s case. And that is all about it.

My desk invites me to work on what I have planned. No stuff on that will disorient my concentration, but the essential to me. On the interim breaks, I gaze outside the window, take deep breaths, stretch, hydrate.

If there is no possibility of a separate office area at home, a dining table can provide a cosy nook for your laptop or notebook. Add the elements that will transform the table from dining to office by removing everything irrelevant to your purpose and adding what promotes your productivity. Be the one who will create the right conditions for you to work efficiently. 

Working at home is pleasant, regardless of the amount or complexity of the work I must complete. Nothing excess in the room makes the process intense, unpleasant, and complex, for it serves as my personal sanctuary that augments my productivity. 

Nothing is placed in the room, especially my desk, by chance; every item is chosen carefully to serve a specific purpose and add to the intentionality of the structure.

Work Office

Whereas at home, one can freely choose where the workspace will be and how it will look, things can be more restricted in the office or work. One might not have the liberty to choose the location of their desk -close to a window, in a quiet corner, by a wall, surrounded by other offices. 

Nevertheless, if you are assigned a work surface, better even a desk, then you choose how to decorate it in a way that benefits you and your purpose: to be productive, concentrated, committed and content with the process and work outcome.

Opt for less. Less paperwork on the desk and less stationery scattered on the surface. Be organised and find a filling system that works for you and your job to avoid a paper tornado. Eliminate the visual clutter that diverts your attention. Keep the work surface clean and neat.

Minimising your desk setup doesn’t mean having nothing on it but a laptop -unless this is the setup you have opted for. Intentionally customise your desk deco to avoid succumbing to what doesn’t add to your plan. Place on your desk what furthers your creativity, be it a photo of a beloved human or pet, a scented candle, a small plant, a vase with flowers or artwork.

A minimal desk setup will maximise your productivity, creativity and satisfaction for dedicating your valuable time and energy to purposeful activity.

A minimal desk setup will not make you an expert in your field, an employee of the month, or the best author this planet has ever seen. But it will contribute significantly towards the goal you have set. Besides, less is more.

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