Simplify your wardrobe, minimise your stress

I have spent hours looking at my wardrobe, trying to pick the right outfit. I have the habit of choosing the day before my work outfit to save time in the morning. But I have wasted many evenings staring at my clothes, trying to decide while exhausted from a long day. Exhaust and decision-making are a stress-generating combination. So, a few years ago, I decided to simplify my wardrobe to minimise stress.

This small action is not going to make your stress levels disappear or solve the problems in your life. It will, though, help you eliminate unnecessary stress and worries while redirecting your focus on the essential things. Simplifying your wardrobe takes you one step closer to creating and shaping the life you wish to live. 

Besides, assessing your wardrobe and taking action is a great way to start moving beyond your comfort zone should you face any hardship.

Frequency is the key to simplifying your wardrobe; how often do you use the clothes you own? Sure enough, you own a suit or evening dress for special occasions, and so be it. But what about the rest of your clothing?

The rest of the clothing is divided into two categories according to their purpose: the garments that serve a practical need and make us feel comfortable and confident in them. The second category consists of all the clothes that either stopped serving their purpose or are the result of an impulsive purchase- they never truly served a purpose.

The second category is the source of excess stress. Luckily, there are ways to get rid of it.

Take all the apparel out of the closet and place it on the bed or floor. 

This helps you start fresh by evaluating the space of the wardrobe and envisioning its final simple but clever appearance.

Categorise your clothes 

The separate clothes piles facilitate your task and make the process more enjoyable. Simplifying your wardrobe does not have to be a humdrum task.

Start with one category each time. 

Avoid mixing up your apparel when sorting it out. Should you feel overwhelmed, take a break. Drink some coffee or water or leave the room and return later.

Place back in the wardrobe only the garments you use frequently. 

If you haven’t worn a t-shirt for a month, chances are that you will not wear it the month after. And that you will certainly not miss wearing it.

Avoid the “just in case” clothes. 

I am referring to this old, worn-out t-shirt you hold on to in case you paint a wall or do gardening. I know it, you know it, that when the case arrives, you will not even think of it. 

Have a rubbish bin or bag next to you.

This old t-shirt we talked earlier about… chuck it in the bin alongside all the out-of-shape, full of holes or slightly stinky garments you hold on to.


Be it a charity, the neighbourhood’s homeless person or a friend, the clothes you rarely wear will undoubtedly make someone else happy.

I can guarantee that the result will reward you. Not only will you feel proud of yourself for doing the hard work, but you have undeniably taken an enormous step toward minimising the excess stress in your life. Not to mention the time you will save choosing your outfit from now on. Your wardrobe now consists of clothes that serve their initial purpose: to cover a practical need while making you happy.

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