A guide to gift-purchasing

I regard experiences as one of the most valuable gifts. The opportunity to share a moment with a beloved one and build memories together outbalances every physical gift. Memories stay forever in our minds and hearts; we can carry them everywhere without the stress of creating room for them. On the other hand, I do value a physical gift when it serves a specific and real purpose. A present which intentionally adds to my life. 

With the Christmas holidays coming up, choosing and buying presents can become a stressful, mundane and unpleasant experience, which takes away the joy of offering a gift, be it a physical item or an experience. At least, this is how it used to be for me before I came up with some steps that facilitated this process. This guide to gift purchasing helps me with my decision-making. I hope it helps you too.

Before deciding to purchase a gift

  • Can I really afford to buy a present? If not, then don’t.
  • Will I get in dept for purchasing this gift? The Minimalists say, ‘there is no such thing as good dept’.
  • Why am I acquiring this gift? What for?
  • How do I feel about offering this present?
  • Will this gift add value to the receiver’s life or be a burden/clutter?

After deciding to purchase a gift

  • When I know the gift-receiver well, I ask them to choose between a physical gift or an experience gift. Once, my best friend asked me to choose between a tangible present and an experience with her for my birthday. Guess what I opted for.
  • I stay organised to avoid leaving things to chance. Therefore, I create a list with all the receivers and gift ideas for each. This saves me time and money. Desperate purchases are the most expensive and disappointing.
  • I absolutely avoid a shopping spree during the busy hours/days of the week. The crowd can easily distract me from the initial focus and plan. Not to mention the accompanying stress.
  • When my finances prevent me from offering a gift despite wishing to, honesty is always the way to go. I stay frank with this person. If he or she loves and cares for me, they will understand. If not, maybe they don’t deserve a present from me.

Christmas is a magical season for most people. But as it happens with high expectations, frustration and disappointment can ruin even the most festive time of the year. The key is to stay focused and organised when offering gifts and experiences. This guide to gift purchasing has made my life easier, considering that gift shopping and giving stress me immensely during Christmas. I hope it helps you as well.

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